Wednesday, 6 March 2013

London Times – Thursday July 24th 1975

It has been reported that Agostinho Neto, a senior member within the Soviet sponsored terrorist army in Angola, MPLA, has been executed due to differences over military strategy in the recent turmoil in Angola.  He was an advocate of defending regional centers to restrict the mobility of UNITA. 

The action may have been taken due to the recent successes by the Cuban backed FAPLA on the western coast of Angola, who have used a single very strong military force to engage with the western  sponsored FNLA and now are believed to control all major towns between Luanda and the Zaire border.

Some commentators have however attributed the FAPLA success more to the bad military leadership within the FNLA.

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  1. Radio Free Ambrizete today witnessed the arrival of a substantial force of Zairean armoured vehicles. Death to the Communist Oppressors! Long live Zaire! Long live Angola!