Monday, 11 March 2013

London Times – Monday July 28th 1975

Although it was understood that MPLA had not been successful in their control of the countryside to the east of Angola, we have subsequently heard that the strategy they used was effective.  This is supported by the news that Agostinho Neto, a senior member within the Soviet sponsored terrorist army in Angola, MPLA was not executed as reported last week but is apparently in robust health and leading rallies in Malanje. 

In addition, it has been reported that significant activity has been observed in UNITA controlled centers in the south west rather than as expected in the east.  This may perhaps be to attempt to gain control of the pro-communist strategically important town of Moçâmedes.

 Errata –
Last week we reported the death of Agostinho Neto, we note that this was a case of mistaken identity and we are please to confirm that Senhor Neto (52)  is alive and well. 

Citizen Agorki Neto of Sevastapol, who was working for the People’s Co-operative Land Bank, sadly died when a heavy goods lorry while traveling between Teixeira de Sousa and Luso crushed his jeep.  An eyewitness said, “ it was a tragic accident, he did not stand a chance as the lorry driver’s brakes failed going downhill and ran straight over his jeep.  The only luck was that the impact stopped the lorry and saved both the driver and its cargo of agricultural machinery”

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