Friday, 29 March 2013

La Provence samedi 16th août 1975

Here in Cabinda the streets are deserted apart from units of  MPLA and numerous Soviet “advisers”. 

This month the allegedly CIA backed FNLA have advanced from Zaire to the outskirts of the city annihilating MPLA forces in two major battles on the way.  

East German freighters can be seen offshore but the port infrastructure will not allow the easy landing of the kind of equipment we believe has been arriving in Luanda from Cuban supporters to FAPLA.   

The fall of Cabinda must be likely given the lack of defenses and what has appeared chaotic organization over the last month, although senior contacts in MPLA suggest the army will stand firm now they are fighting in their own suburbs against the imperialist backed aggressors.

The success of FNLA units here is dramatically different to that of the FNLA units north of Luanda on the coast and we seek clarification on who is leading the attack on Cabinda reports Colin Pierre.

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