Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Radio Free Angola - First Broadcast 2nd October 1975 11pm GMT

Victory in the North, Victory in the South! Our magnificent fighting men and freedom-loving Zairean brothers have liberated Cabinda! The Soviet Oppressors have been crushed. In the south of our great country a rapid deployment force swept through Mocamedes and then drove on to annihalate the enemy and secure our southern border with our allies. Onward to Freedom and Democracy!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

London Times – Wednesday October 1st 1975

Thatcher impact in Africa

The Rt Hon member for Finchley, Margaret Thatcher (49), appears to be having some success in her campaign to reduce the interventionist supplies from the Eastern Bloc to FAPLA and MPLA forces in Angola.

Your correspondent in Luanda, Dominic Brian Trilby (34), has heard that both the Bulgarians and Chinese diverted freighters away from the country in September.  This has been supported by Mr Trilby observing that while the Bulgarian and Chinese representatives at last night's ambassadorial gathering in Luanda greeted each other warmly, ice formed on their host's upper lips.

It is rumoured that the words "fine words butter no parsnips" were spoken in Portuguese, although the literal translation into Bulgarian may have presented some difficulties.

The presence of a plentiful supply of Angolan telegram forms in the bags of those concerned would certainly have been deemed a sensible precaution against unnecessary pain.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

MPLA CABFOR - Order 227

And the time for retreating is over.  NOT ONE STEP BACK! That must now be our watchword.

Can we take the blows of the enemy and push them back to the East?  Yes, because our international Comrades are sending us ever more aircraft, tanks, artillery and missiles.

Is there something we lack?  We lack order and discipline, that is our main shortcoming.  We must establish the strictest order and iron discipline in our army if we want to defend our Motherland.  Panickers and cowards will be eliminated on the spot.  Commanders of companies and battalions will be considered traitors to the Motherland if they retreat.

Comrade Agostinho Neto

September 21st 03.35hrs

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pravda – Moscow Monday 15th September 1975

Congratulations to the brave defenders of the communist ideals in Amriz, against mercenaries, financed by the CIA and illegally supported by Zaire, who attempted to take over the town and its associated port.   Your intrepid man in the field Comrade Pavel Tarasov can confirm that the courageous airmen from Luanda, in their awesome MIG -17’s helped their boys on the ground by destroying the pathetic FNLA attempts to bomb the town into submission.

How desperate are the capitalists as yesterday they had their lacky Pope Paul VI declare a US citizen, Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton a saint, this will not confuse the people of Angola who will not be fooled by attempts  to claim that Christians should support their actions to continue to enslave the people of the country.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Havana Herald Tuesday 9th September

Fall of Pereira de Eca

Before it is even possible to report the fall of Benguela,  the glorious heroes of Mocamedes advance to liberate the border with South West Africa!

Only the briefest pause can be allowed to see whether the apartheid regime of the Afrikaans has the courage to embrace apostasy before international socialism pushes on to Capetown by force of arms!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Havana Herald Friday 5th September

Fall of Benguela

Reports today confirm that the coast of Angola is now free and socialist from the Namibian border to Ambriz.  The last few revanchist dogs in Ambrizete will soon be back in Zaire and the Atlantic Ocean free from the taint of the Great Satan!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

London Times Monday 1st September 1975

The Rt Hon member for Finchley Margaret Thatcher (49), demanded that the Royal Navy increase its commitment to policing the waters off Angola after at least five Russian freighters have been reported as landing equipment in Luanda in late August that was declared as agricultural equipment.  The Hon lady commented that witnesses had seen artillery, armored cars and aircraft being unloaded from the Russian ships and these were clearly not for use other than on the fields of conflict.

The Minister for Defense Rt Hon member for Barnsley, Roy Mason (51), said
Ambassador Lunkov of the Soviet Union had assured him that there was no military equipment in the humanitarian support that his comrades were supplying to the sadly starving oppressed people of Angola and yet again the Hon Lady for Finchley was seeing “reds in the bed” when the truth was clearly a positive action by a fellow socialist government.