Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pravda – Moscow Monday 15th September 1975

Congratulations to the brave defenders of the communist ideals in Amriz, against mercenaries, financed by the CIA and illegally supported by Zaire, who attempted to take over the town and its associated port.   Your intrepid man in the field Comrade Pavel Tarasov can confirm that the courageous airmen from Luanda, in their awesome MIG -17’s helped their boys on the ground by destroying the pathetic FNLA attempts to bomb the town into submission.

How desperate are the capitalists as yesterday they had their lacky Pope Paul VI declare a US citizen, Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton a saint, this will not confuse the people of Angola who will not be fooled by attempts  to claim that Christians should support their actions to continue to enslave the people of the country.


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