Tuesday, 9 April 2013

London Times Monday 1st September 1975

The Rt Hon member for Finchley Margaret Thatcher (49), demanded that the Royal Navy increase its commitment to policing the waters off Angola after at least five Russian freighters have been reported as landing equipment in Luanda in late August that was declared as agricultural equipment.  The Hon lady commented that witnesses had seen artillery, armored cars and aircraft being unloaded from the Russian ships and these were clearly not for use other than on the fields of conflict.

The Minister for Defense Rt Hon member for Barnsley, Roy Mason (51), said
Ambassador Lunkov of the Soviet Union had assured him that there was no military equipment in the humanitarian support that his comrades were supplying to the sadly starving oppressed people of Angola and yet again the Hon Lady for Finchley was seeing “reds in the bed” when the truth was clearly a positive action by a fellow socialist government.

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