Sunday, 28 April 2013

MPLA CABFOR - Order 227

And the time for retreating is over.  NOT ONE STEP BACK! That must now be our watchword.

Can we take the blows of the enemy and push them back to the East?  Yes, because our international Comrades are sending us ever more aircraft, tanks, artillery and missiles.

Is there something we lack?  We lack order and discipline, that is our main shortcoming.  We must establish the strictest order and iron discipline in our army if we want to defend our Motherland.  Panickers and cowards will be eliminated on the spot.  Commanders of companies and battalions will be considered traitors to the Motherland if they retreat.

Comrade Agostinho Neto

September 21st 03.35hrs


  1. Radio Free Angola: Victory in the North, Victory in the South! Our magnificent fighting men and freedom-loving Zairean brothers have liberated Cabinda! The Soviet Oppressors have been crushed. In the south of our great country a rapid deployment force swept through Mocamedes and then drove on to annihalate the enemy and secure our southern border with our allies. Onward to Freedom and Democracy!

  2. Johannesburg: In a communique issued today the South African Government condemned the activities of Soviet-backed forces on the southern border of Angola and welcomed their rapid elimination by local troops loyal to the democratic forces.